Having a trusted partner when you want to organize an event is synonymous with peace of mind.

Organising corporate events such as seminar evenings or a congress requires coordination, teamwork and anticipation. Therefore, calling on informed professionals means protecting yourself against possible malfunctions and ensuring a form of serenity!

Over the years, the Key des Artistes collective has met many professionals working on different types of events. Today they have become trusted partners.

What brings these Key professionals closer to the Artists is of course professionalism, attention to detail, a sense of advice, discretion... but above all team spirit!

Discover these partners that we recommend. They will offer you quality services for your various events, private or professional.

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Specialists in wedding planning, photography professionals, stunning reception venues...

Meet them now!

Key des Artiste is recommended by Zankyou as one of the best providers for your wedding!Key des Artistes awarded by Zankyou in 2019!

Key des Artistes, Wedding Awards winner 2019 Mariages.netevent-advisor recommends keydesartistes.fr for your wedding!

Linkaband recommends keydesartistes.fr for all-in-one solutions to facilitate the management of your event

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